The Graduate (Poem)

A poem about modern dating. Originally published by Seizure on 22 October 2014. Online here.


The Graduate

I couldn’t go back so I sought to embrace
an armada of digitised faces online
to relearn to reject, be rejected, to flirt
two dozen first dates, all destined to fail
always over and done halfway through the first drink

you came way across town to my local for wine
I can’t go after one, that wouldn’t be right
but you’re not like your pictures or words that I read
did I form expectations you’d never have met?
is the you you portrayed the you you now say?

it’s not that you’re boring, you’re not, you have wit
we’re talking ideas, not just TV and people
I know if we met more I’d like you
that’s all it would take to make love our habit
shared memories, routines, and regular orgasm

but you also feel safe, you don’t scare me at all
these trialled conversations, the scheduled encounters
like well-fattened stock being herded to pasture
let’s have one more wine then I’ll walk you down
to the bus stop – it’s dark, and not your part of town.

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