Got any tips for Europe?

In just over a month I will fly into Europe. The plan’s to spend a couple of months between Berlin, Paris and London, catching up with good friends, writing pretentious diaries, and soaking up the local atmosphere.

If you’ve got tips of what to visit, eat and do in and around those cities, please let me know! Continue reading Got any tips for Europe?

Happy New Year and all that [Jan 2015]


Looks like the second half of 2014 really got away from me; The last time I sent out this monthly email was in mid-September.

Back then I wrote about ‘chasing rabbits’ – about getting distracted from the things we want to be focussing on by all those things that pop up… yes, I realise there’s a heavy degree of irony to be found there… Continue reading Happy New Year and all that [Jan 2015]

Sydney to Perth in 10 Days (Part One)

I’ve been back from my trip for over a week now, so it’s probably time to start writing about it. All in all it was quite a staggering experience. I really don’t know what I was expecting when we first set out. Lots of driving and meat pies I guess. I’ve gone through the photos and picked out some of my favourites to share with you. There’s a reasonable number, and I tend to get keyboard diarrhea when writing about my travels, so it might take a few posts to get through it all.

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