NYE 2011 – EP01 Not the fireworks bit [PHOTOS]

I spent New Years Eve this year with some of my oldest friends having a picnic on the grounds of Vaucluse House in Vaucluse, which afforded a fantastic view of Sydney Harbour and the fireworks.

Sydney Harbour Sunset

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Chinese Women Murdered in Sydney

On November 13 last year, the decomposing bodies of two Chinese women were discovered in their room in Auburn, Sydney. According to an article in the Australian over the weekend, police are “baffled”, but things seem pretty clear to me. Some of the facts: Continue reading Chinese Women Murdered in Sydney

Sydney Buildings

On Sunday I attended Open Sydney 08, where a bunch of historic and interesting buildings across Sydney are opened to the public. The first building we visited was the AMP Tower at Circular Quay and its from the 26th floor of this building that I took these two panoramas. You can see them a bit bigger if you click on them.

Sydney to Perth in 10 Days (Part Four)

Now the beginning of Day Nine of traveling across Australia was really the tenth day of the trip, but because we didn’t do any driving the day before, I’m not counting it as a ‘day’ in the grand scheme of things. I would have, but I actually didn’t realise until I got to last week’s post that the whole thing took eleven days. Oh well. I don’t know if Sydney to Perth in 11 Days has the same ring to it.

Whatever the case may be, on the morning of Day Nine we left Albany and drove towards Denmark. The landscape began to change very quickly. Since Esperance we’d been on a typical Australian coastline – gorgeous beaches plus scrub, but now we began to enter the old growth forests.

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Sydney to Perth in 10 Days (Part Three)

On the morning of Day Seven of our trip we drove from Norseman to Esperance. This was our shortest day of driving, only 202km, so we got to Esperance quite early in the day, early enough to have a coffee on the shores of the bay, check out a lion seal and listen to Grant Hackett not get gold before we settled down for a late breakfast.

Sydney to Perth in 10 Days (Part Two)

The next morning (day four) we headed out early from Port Augusta along the Eyre Highway towards Ceduna. Our plan was to drive straight across the top of the Eyre Peninsula. It would have been nice to follow the coastline the whole way down to Port Lincoln and back up the other side, but it would have added over two hundred kilometres to the day.

Sydney to Perth in 10 Days (Part One)

I’ve been back from my trip for over a week now, so it’s probably time to start writing about it. All in all it was quite a staggering experience. I really don’t know what I was expecting when we first set out. Lots of driving and meat pies I guess. I’ve gone through the photos and picked out some of my favourites to share with you. There’s a reasonable number, and I tend to get keyboard diarrhea when writing about my travels, so it might take a few posts to get through it all.

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