Strength through struggle [June 2014]

Hi everyone,

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about words, in particular the word choices that we make when we’re writing something or talking to someone. I’ve written a couple of pieces along these lines this month, a general article called Choose your words carefully and then a post examining language priming, particularly in relation to the economy.

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The Arcade Fire, Transgender, Privilege and Voice

arcade-fireThe new Arcade Fire video, for the song We Exist, features Andrew Garfield as a trans woman (or a man who likes cross-dressing). I hadn’t seen it until a Facebook friend posted a link to an article by Tom Hawking on culture website Flavorwire, Arcade Fire Have Nothing to Say About the Transgender ExperienceAccompanying the link on my friend’s Facebook feed was “Thoughts?” Continue reading The Arcade Fire, Transgender, Privilege and Voice