Monthly update – Shadows on the Wall [July 2014]

10535761_10152543515146259_5783653041199092863_oYes, this is an July update being sent at the beginning of August. It was either that or skip a month. That was entirely on the cards, but then for three nights in a row I dreamed I was in one of the various workplaces I’m in at the moment, and I was not delivering on something I said I would.

I had no feeling of anxiety and I don’t believe in prophetic dreaming. What it brought to mind how easy it is to get swept up in the things that we’re doing and lose track of things that get started, especially long-term projects and commitments. Continue reading Monthly update – Shadows on the Wall [July 2014]

Memories – by Candy Royalle

Following is the poem Memories, by poet and performance artist Candy Royalle. I first met Candy and saw her perform at Sydney University, where she was speaking on Palestine with Antony Loewenstein and my boss, David Shoebridge.

I was floored by both the words of this poem and their performance, and wanted to share it as widely as possible. You can also watch the piece being performed live on Youtube here: Continue reading Memories – by Candy Royalle

The People of Bourj el Barajneh

On one square kilometre of land in southern Beirut, around 22,000 Palestinians live on one square kilometer of land. A very high proportion of the people are children. The Bourj el Barajneh refugee camp has been here since 1948. Beirut grew up and around the camp; generations of Palestinians have grown up inside it.

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Israeli TV campaign not just insulting to Israeli Americans

When I think about the ongoing destruction of Palestinian homes and construction of illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, I assume that part of the reason is lack of space in the land they already had.

You would think if the Israeli government were serious about peace, they would be taking a serious look at how they manage their population. Continue reading Israeli TV campaign not just insulting to Israeli Americans

On my way to the Middle East

Yesterday I found out i’ve been accepted to go on a study tour of the Middle East in January and February next year.

I’m pretty excited. The study tour is run by APHEDA – Union Aid Abroad. From talking to a few people who have been previously it’s going to be a real positive experience.

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