A series of firsts

My first crush was Michelle Daniels*. We were in Year 1 together with Mrs Szychulski, the teacher who got me to write my first short story (it had dinosaurs AND spaceships in it). Michelle had red hair and freckles and was confident and smart and a little bit naughty and I don’t remember ever talking to her. Continue reading A series of firsts

Goldfish in Love (or How to Tie a Bow Tie)

I’ve been to more weddings in the last month than I normally go to in a year – and the suit I bought a few months ago is getting more uses than any other suit than I’ve ever had. I’ve learnt to tie a bow tie, I’ve waltzed and I’ve met kooky uncles and aunties, which surely are a necessity for any successful wedding. Continue reading Goldfish in Love (or How to Tie a Bow Tie)