Annihilation (Book Review)

A review I published last week at Fantastica of Annihilation, the first book in Jeff VanderMeer’s  The Southern Reach Trilogy. The only thing I’d read of his before was a very Borgesian chapter in City of Saints and Madman, so I went into it expecting a very ‘conscious’ reading experience, rather than what I would call more passive escapism.

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Reading: Sea hearts, by Margo Lanagan

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‘The secrets gusted about the streets with the leaves and litter, thick enough in the air to choke me.’

This one sentence is a good indication of both the style and the substance of Margo Lanagan’s Sea hearts, published in the US and UK as The Brides of Rollrock Island. There’s something very claustrophobic about the book, which is filled with secrets and the language is beautifully constructed. Continue reading Reading: Sea hearts, by Margo Lanagan