Framing Childhood Memories

Once, when I was about four, I tottered over to the phone, picked up the receiver (that’s the handle shaped thing attached by a cord to the phone body: people used to talk into one end and listen from the other) and then dropped it into the fish tank so I could talk to the fish. It didn’t work. We had to get a new phone.

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Out the Back for a Quick Swig of Red

Back in a previous life time (high school) this little blogger was an altar boy at his local Catholic church. I have no idea how I was roped into it, but it was a pretty good deal actually. For starters, you got to drink the wine come Communion time, and there was always an excuse during mass to go and hang out in the sacristy and have a bit of a chat and a drink with the other guys. This was particularly true when I graduated from junior to senior altar boy (from red robes to purple ones) and got the responsibility for swinging the incense burner, which had to be serviced continuously to ensure the coals were burning properly. Continue reading Out the Back for a Quick Swig of Red

Saving Grace

In theory, it’s great. Having sat down at the dining table, or even on the couch in front of the TV, you spend a few short moments reflecting on the food you are about to eat. You give thanks to the living beings that died to bring the meal your way (vegetables have feelings too), and you sympathize with those who do not have, and maybe never will have, the good fortune of such easy access to food and drink.

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