The Art Island of Teshima (Japan 2014 Day 10.1)

This morning I meet up again with my sister, Aleisha, and a friend of hers, Karen. After a big breakfast in our Okayama hotel, we head south via two trains to Uno, a port town on Japan’s Inland Sea, and get on the ferry to Teshima. Continue reading The Art Island of Teshima (Japan 2014 Day 10.1)

This Henson’s No Muppet

The government is again targeting photographic artist Bill Henson in a witch-hunt. If you’ve been living under a rock (or outside the country), in May of this year one of his shows was closed by the police, who seized 32 of his pictures, and Prime Minister Rudd called Henson’s photographs “absolutely revolting.” Why? Because the invitation to the show featured a photograph of a naked 12 year-old girl. Continue reading This Henson’s No Muppet

Go find some lost Buddhas

If you’re in Sydney at the moment, or going to be in the near future, I can highly recommend visiting the latest exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW, The Lost Buddhas. I went and saw it on Friday afternoon and was thoroughly impressed by the serenity and beauty of these 6th century Chinese sculptures. Continue reading Go find some lost Buddhas