Morning routines

I am in the fortunate position to be working for myself and largely have total control over my morning routine. At the same time I find it really difficult to form proactive routines around anything, let alone waking up in the morning.

Yes, I realise that by waking up at 5am I could maximise my time and productivity and do more exercise and write more things and become a better person. At this point though my actions reveal me to be more interested in getting a little more sleep each morning.

My current routine

I wake at about 5.30am, consider getting out of bed for anywhere between 0 and 1 seconds, then rollover back into dream land. The alarm goes off at 6, I turn it off straight away, just like the second one at 6.30. The third one goes off at 7, by which time I might actually get up, or I could snooze for an extra half hour or so.

Once I’m awake I grab the phone charging next to my bed and check my Facebook and email. A few night owls or people overseas might have liked one of my posts overnight. The pages I manage usually have a few. I usually get between 8 and 12 emails during the same period, mostly from subscriptions that I delete straight away.

After visiting the bathroom I go and make some warm lemon water or ginseng tea with honey to start the day. Then I walk back to my office, stand up at my desk, power up my display and open Facebook and my email in a browser window.

Then I tackle the emails that I received yesterday and haven’t answered yet. The day has truly begun.

My full-time work routine

Back when I was working full-time in state parliament my routine was similar to what it is now, except that I would be checking my emails first thing to see if any relevant news had broken overnight which my Google Alerts had picked up.

My alarm/snooze/sleep cycle would also run later, until about 20 minutes before I had to leave for the train station: enough time for a quick shower pretty much. Depending on how much time I had I would buy a coffee on the way to the station, or get it on the walk from the station to parliament.

Breakfast would be either a scrambled egg and feta cheese wrap from the cafe near parliament, or banana from the fruit stall near St James train station.

My ideal routine

Wake up at 5.30am, visit the bathroom, have a nice big glass of water, then practice yoga until about 6.15am.

Make myself a cup of ginseng tea with honey and then write fiction for 2-3 hours, followed by a pot of coffee and some fruit for breakfast before getting stuck into yesterday’s emails.

Simple, elegant and certainly not impossible – I’ve achieved large parts of it on and off over the last year – so my only excuse really is that I’m not doing it.

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