Köln (Cologne) & Bonn, November 2015

On my way from Berlin to Paris I stayed overnight in Bonn, kindly hosted by a friend’s son and his partner. I flew from Berlin to Cologne, had a look around and then went down to Bonn for the evening before jumping on the train to Paris.

It was a whirlwind visit, but enough time to get a sense of these two lovely cities on the Rhine.

Highlights included:

  • Museum Ludwig, Köln: especially an excellent retrospective of the work of American painter Joan Mitchell. The woman at the counter said, ‘you are lucky, most of the artists are usually men.’ She was right.
  • Wandering around Bonn: The former capital is a sleepy little town. It has UN offices (and thus a healthy expat community), a gorgeous paved central area of the town, statues of Beethoven and excellent pedestrian access to the banks of the Rhine.
  • Bonn Christmas markets: Not just restricted to one town square or area, these wide ranging markets took up pretty much all of the central part of town. Mulled wine, honey wine and bratwurst were consumed with glee.

Both Köln and Bonn are places I’d like to visit again and get to know them a little better than the whirlwind tour I was on.

Photo gallery below. You can also click through to see them on Flickr.

Bonn & Cologne, November 2015

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