Got any tips for Europe?

In just over a month I will fly into Europe. The plan’s to spend a couple of months between Berlin, Paris and London, catching up with good friends, writing pretentious diaries, and soaking up the local atmosphere.

If you’ve got tips of what to visit, eat and do in and around those cities, please let me know!

Like a lot of things I do, it was a snap decision comfortably grounded in a number of things I’d been turning around in my head for ages.

In 2013 and ‘14 I had rough Septembers, mentally. Once I’d identified the pattern I decided to do something about it. An important part of it, I figured, was what I did in the months leading up to September and thinking about what was happening afterwards.

So in August, when I found out that my tax bill was less than what I’d saved to pay it, I decided that I should do something I’ve been contemplating for years –visiting some friends in Europe. There’s no point visiting the antipodes for less than a month and once I got that far I figured I might as well stay for two.

When I land in Berlin in mid-November it will have been just over a decade since I came back to Australia. I was away for almost five years, living and working in England and the Czech Republic. It was so long ago that most of my photos from those years were on actual film!

I returned to Australia having decided it was time to either rebuild ties with family, friends and my country of birth or largely sever them altogether. Also, Australians kept re-electing an irresponsible, inhumane and conservative government – I felt I needed to do something about that.

Those five years of my mid-late twenties were really important for a variety of reasons, and I have strong and fond memories of them. I’m looking forward to seeing places I loved with new eyes and getting to know them better.

Besides those three cities I’ll also probably be visiting Budapest and Vienna on my way to the Czech Republic, Oxford and Bath while in England and probably some places in Western Germany as I’m moving between here, there and everywhere. Tips, recommendations and introductions more than welcome.

In the end September 2015 turned out pretty good – whether having this trip booked had anything to do with it is anyone’s guess. The worst thing that happened was throwing my back out towards the end of the month and barely being able to walk for two days. This morning though, after two weeks of careful yoga practice, osteo and lots of walking, I did a four-minute shoulder stand, so that’s encouraging!

I lived in London so long ago this is the only digital photo I have from there...
I lived in London so long ago this is the only digital photo I have from there…
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