Goodbye to Berlin


After a wonderful two months in Europe I’m back in Australia. It’s lovely to be sleeping in my own bed. I could have done without the 40-degree temperature turnaround and the jetlag.

In terms of intent it was mission accomplished. I spent quality time with good friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen for over a decade. I read a lot and got some writing done. Europe also has quite good galleries, beer, architecture and culture – who knew?

For those playing along at home, the destination checklist ended up as: Berlin, Bonn, Cologne, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin (for Xmas, NYE and my friends’ wedding), Bratislava, Vienna, Brno, Olomouc, Prague and Berlin (yes, again).

Recording impressions

I find it easy to move from one thing to the next, often without a lot of reflection, especially when travelling. There’s always something new and interesting to immerse myself in around the next corner or at the next train station.

As a writer, photographer and hoarder of information booklets, I’m good at recording my experiences and impressions. Usually though I’m not great at collating or processing them in a useful way.

I still have one day worth of photos and notes to process of my trip to Japan a year and a half ago. Around three years ago I went on a fabulous Tasmania road trip with some friends. The photos and notebooks from this are yet to see the light of day.

This trip I took some time out every week to look back on what I’d done, go through my notebooks and the pictures I’d taken and get it up on my website.

The destination summaries are super-useful refreshers before catching up with people (who naturally want to know highlights) and I recorded more in-depth impressions of three places: the Reichstag Building and Neue Wache Memorial in Berlin, and Amsterdam’s Bar Bukowski.

All my photos are backed up on Flickr with slideshows embedded in the website – job done!

Return to Oz

I’m slowly getting back into Sydney life, unpacking bags, catching up with people, looking for work contracts to help repopulate the holiday fund, and hitting the bike and gym to remove the excess baggage I smuggled through customs…

Hope November to January have been good for you, whatever you’ve been up to.

If you’re in Sydney and want to catch up, let me know!

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