Starting sentences with Look and I Think

Today’s challenge was to write about: a word or phrase that you use constantly. The only one that I can think of, which is ‘cool’, and that seems completely superfluous to write about even in this challenge, so I’m going for a word I don’t like and a phrase I do. Continue reading Starting sentences with Look and I Think

Why we need to stop talking about refugees

— rethinking the language we use to talk about refugees and people seeking asylum —

It is a truth universally acknowledged that campaigns based on evidence, universal human rights, or even plain common sense, are sadly not guaranteed success. Continue reading Why we need to stop talking about refugees

Germany’s Reichstag and Bundestag

On Tuesday 29 December I attended a lecture in the plenary hall of the German parliament – the Bundestag (the Reichstag is the name of the building – we’ll get to that later). These lectures are free, they happen on Tuesdays at 11.00am, and you really have to book ahead.

You won’t be disappointed. Visiting the Reichstag Building is a Berlin must. The two hours or so you spend here will give you an excellent sense of the history of Germany, from the days of the Holy Roman Empire up until today. Continue reading Germany’s Reichstag and Bundestag

Annihilation (Book Review)

A review I published last week at Fantastica of Annihilation, the first book in Jeff VanderMeer’s  The Southern Reach Trilogy. The only thing I’d read of his before was a very Borgesian chapter in City of Saints and Madman, so I went into it expecting a very ‘conscious’ reading experience, rather than what I would call more passive escapism.

You can read the review online in its original context here. Continue reading Annihilation (Book Review)