Köln (Cologne) & Bonn, November 2015

On my way from Berlin to Paris I stayed overnight in Bonn, kindly hosted by a friend’s son and his partner. I flew from Berlin to Cologne, had a look around and then went down to Bonn for the evening before jumping on the train to Paris. Continue reading Köln (Cologne) & Bonn, November 2015

Not our Queen: an encounter

At the Marrickville post office buying a stamp to send a letter to Berlin. It’s $2.75. The woman puts the stamp down. It’s got the Queen’s face on it. ‘Can I have a different one?’ I say.

The woman smiles and says, ‘of course.’ As she tears off the alternate $2.55 and 2x10c to replace it, her friend at the next counter laughs.

She says, ‘it’s not just you. No one wants it. A man the other day paid for a whole new stamp when he realised he’d already stuck the Queen on.’

The Art Island of Teshima (Japan 2014 Day 10.1)

This morning I meet up again with my sister, Aleisha, and a friend of hers, Karen. After a big breakfast in our Okayama hotel, we head south via two trains to Uno, a port town on Japan’s Inland Sea, and get on the ferry to Teshima. Continue reading The Art Island of Teshima (Japan 2014 Day 10.1)

Happy New Year and all that [Jan 2015]


Looks like the second half of 2014 really got away from me; The last time I sent out this monthly email was in mid-September.

Back then I wrote about ‘chasing rabbits’ – about getting distracted from the things we want to be focussing on by all those things that pop up… yes, I realise there’s a heavy degree of irony to be found there… Continue reading Happy New Year and all that [Jan 2015]

The day I shaved my beard off (Japan 2014 Day 6.2)

25 July 2014 — Overnight I have a dream with my mother in it. Ever since I read a book of Jung’s writings about dreams – over a decade ago in the Scottish highlands – I’ve taken my parents appearing in my dreams as representatives of my relationship with the two countervailing forces that unite us all: yin/yang, force/yield, pull/pull, masculine/feminine, anima/animus, action/inaction – there are seemingly endless interpretations of these binary polarities. My relationship with my dream mother felt strange, and wrong, so I take it as sign from my unconscious that my balance is off-kilter. Continue reading The day I shaved my beard off (Japan 2014 Day 6.2)