My shortest commutes (London. Olomouc. Sydney.)

Before I began working for myself in mid-2013, my shortest commute from bed to work was in the hostel in the Czech city of Olomouc that I worked in for a year from 2004 to 2005. Continue reading My shortest commutes (London. Olomouc. Sydney.)

Goodbye to Berlin


After a wonderful two months in Europe I’m back in Australia. It’s lovely to be sleeping in my own bed. I could have done without the 40-degree temperature turnaround and the jetlag.

In terms of intent it was mission accomplished. I spent quality time with good friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen for over a decade. I read a lot and got some writing done. Europe also has quite good galleries, beer, architecture and culture – who knew? Continue reading Goodbye to Berlin

Germany’s Reichstag and Bundestag

On Tuesday 29 December I attended a lecture in the plenary hall of the German parliament – the Bundestag (the Reichstag is the name of the building – we’ll get to that later). These lectures are free, they happen on Tuesdays at 11.00am, and you really have to book ahead.

You won’t be disappointed. Visiting the Reichstag Building is a Berlin must. The two hours or so you spend here will give you an excellent sense of the history of Germany, from the days of the Holy Roman Empire up until today. Continue reading Germany’s Reichstag and Bundestag

Neue Wache Memorial to the Victims of War and Tyranny

Tucked between the Humboldt University of Berlin and the Zeughaus 17th Century German History Museum on Unter den Linden, Berlin’s Neue Wache (New Guardhouse) serves as the Central Memorial of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Victims of War and Tyranny. Continue reading Neue Wache Memorial to the Victims of War and Tyranny

London, December 2015

Returning to London has been an interesting experience. I lived here from 2001 to 2004, mainly in SW1 around Westminster and Pimlico, but also in Wimbledon and Worcester Park for a time. This time I’ve stayed with some friends from Sydney who are living in E3, Bow, a part of London which i had never been to before. Continue reading London, December 2015

Paris 2015

In Paris I’m staying at the place of an old uni friend of mine, using the time and opportunity to get some quality research and writing done. Having been here a decade ago, I didn’t feel the urgent need to run around and do absolutely everything. Of course, I had to take advantage of some of the amazing things that the city has to offer. Continue reading Paris 2015