Too Late, Humans

My article, published by Overland Literary Journal:

There’s a chilling scene near the beginning of Ray Bradbury’s 1953 classic, Farenheit 451, where Guy Montag discovers that his wife has overdosed on sleeping pills. When the nonplussed emergency technicians arrive they pump Mildred’s stomach using enormous machines, give her a blood transfusion and then leave matter-of-factly: all in a day’s work in the twenty-fourth century.

Where Montag is Bradbury’s ‘everyman’, struggling to come to terms with a growing awareness of his totalitarian world, Mildred reflects the horror of those descended completely into society’s shallow consumerist nightmare. She wants little more than a fourth wall for her TV, so she can achieve complete immersion in her favourite television programs, particularly the highly popular ‘The Family’, in which she plays a scripted part.

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The Next Adventure

Whether you’re aware of it or not, from where I’m sitting you’re on an adventure right now. A Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Thelma & Louise, Frozen, Stand by Me, Choose Your Own, Jesus type adventure. They’re all pretty much the same thing. But you know that by now, aren’t they? Continue reading The Next Adventure

My 21st Birthday Party

My 21st Birthday Party was the first time I had been the centre of attention at a party as an adult. I had arranged my 18th birthday party to be held at the same time as a friend’s 21st. Somehow though nobody had told my friend’s parents or anyone else throwing the party, so I was completely forgotten. Continue reading My 21st Birthday Party

Starting sentences with Look and I Think

Today’s challenge was to write about: a word or phrase that you use constantly. The only one that I can think of, which is ‘cool’, and that seems completely superfluous to write about even in this challenge, so I’m going for a word I don’t like and a phrase I do. Continue reading Starting sentences with Look and I Think

On ‘A family member that I dislike’

I don’t have a family member that I dislike, neither in my immediate family nor into the directly extended family of Aunts, Uncle-in-laws and cousins. All my grandparents are now dead. I didn’t dislike any other them either. Though there are certainly family members that it’s easier to spending time with. Continue reading On ‘A family member that I dislike’