An email from Gaza

On my recent trip to the Occupied Palestinian Territories we spent a couple of days in Gaza. It was one of the most confronting places we visited. I’ll be writing about it more in a few weeks, but recently events mean I’m breaking the timeline of the trip.

Over the weekend, the people of Gaza suffered four days of Israeli air attacks and missile barrage.  This latest escalation started when the Israeli military conducted a targeted assassination of the Palestinian leader of the Popular Resistance Committee in Gaza last Friday. Palestinian militant groups responded with numerous rocket attacks. Israel retaliated with air strikes.

 Below is the content of an email from a new friend, who I met in Gaza, sent a day before Egypt brokered a tenuous ceasefire. It was kindly agreed that I could share it with you.

Marhaba Dear friends,

People of Gaza are living under showers of Israeli high sophisticated missiles that have managed to kill, in the past two hours, an elderly person and his 35 years old daughter. Death toll climbed to 20 while injuries mounted to more than 40 in the last 36 hours.

For us all to see how well precise Israeli occupation war against terrorism! we need to learn the following:

  1. Israel targeted a house in Gaza north injuring 33 house residents and bringing the house to rubble in pre dawn raid
  2. Israel killed a 52 years old man when he was cultivating an agricultural land, the land wasn’t his; he was a labor that died while trying to make a living for a poor household whose suffering is expected to further as a result of their loss
  3. A 12 years old school student was cut into two parts by an Israeli missile when he was making it back home, 9 other students were injured, his mother is in a status of denial till now, holding her kid’s school bag and calling his name! that much more than a human heart can bear

Those are the latest examples of the atrocities that have been haunting people of Gaza who have been under siege and constant fire…

It’s the responsibility of any civil civil human being to do whatever possible to bring an end to this or at least to support the right of people to live dignified and unharmed. Let’s remind those who talk about law and respect that there is an international human law and bill or rights that are supposed to provide protection to people in war zones.

Thanks for everything you have been doing for Palestine

keep the hope alive, help Palestine survive


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