Am I like what a Libran’s like?

I approach astrology like I do everything else: with a mix of skepticism and curiosity. Most of it is as useful and believable as religions (i.e. not at all). That said, it’s also true that it took quite some time for humans to understand the effects that the gravitational forces of the sun and moon have on the Earth.

Generally I’m always excited about pushing the limits of what we know about how things work.

In terms of Western Astrology I’m a Libran (in Chinese Astrology I’m a dragon – win!). The randomly chosen says than being Libran means that my day is Friday, I get on best with Geminis and Aquarians and that I’m ruled by Venus.

(For the record – as an anti-authoritarian – I acknowledge no ruler and never will.)

A straight Google search for Libra and astrology doesn’t turn up much useful historical or factual information, funnily enough, but thank the planets for Wikipedia. Astrology itself is an early human attempt at science –attempting via observation to draw correlations between the movements and activities of things in the sky and things that happen on Earth.

From here it’s not hard to see how both superstition and religion evolved, with the ‘learned’ interpreting the signs (and eventually voices) from above to exert power over others. The link continues with the Western naming of the planets after Roman Gods. Neptune, for example, was named in 1846 after the Roman god of the sea.

(Saturn, by the way, was the Roman god of the harvest. The Greek equivalent was Cronos, pretty much the best god name ever.)

Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac, the only one represented by an inanimate object (scales) and is between 180 and 207.25 degree of celestial longitude (whatever that means). The moon was said to be in Libra when Rome was founded, which is obviously why Rome was so awesome.

According to (the also randomly chosen by Google’s non-random algorithms), “Librans are known to be gentle people with love, peace and harmony, they are usually very attractive and love pleasing everyone.”

Seems legit so far.

Five positive character traits I apparently have are that I am: tactful, charming, romantic, diplomatic and balanced. On the down side I am superficial, unreliable, detached, indecisive and self-indulgent.

I have no doubt that I can be accused of being some if not all of those things at some point in my life, so sure, they are traits of my personality if you look at it through a particular lens – but I doubt particularly whether, having conducted a poll of my friends and family, I would be described in the same way.

Although this post has pretty much been all about me – that’s pretty self-indulgent…

No, I don’t particularly take any of this seriously. I find it interesting though. As I said earlier, I’m interested in exploring the limits of what we know and understand about ourselves and the world around us, and I’m not sitting around waiting for science to tell me what’s probable, potential, possible or otherwise.

On the scale of things, I’m more pro-astrology than pro-religion. There are charlatans involved in each, but you don’t see people killing each other in the name of their zodiac sign, do you ? And if people are going to make decisions without any evidence-based reasoning, I’d prefer they followed vague ramblings in a tabloid column than the supposed teachings of any of the prophets, gods or messiahs humanity has served up so far.

If the flying spaghetti monster turns out to be real I may very well change my tune.

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