Hi! I’m Mark Riboldi.

I’m a writer, researcher and strategic communications consultant living in Sydney. I’m passionate about breaking down the hierarchical power structures that get in the way of genuine social change.

mark-riboldi-15_400x400Right now I’m working doing collaborative research and policy at the Sydney Policy Lab at the University of Sydney. We’re working on a 2-year research project about the capacity of civil society organisations. I’m also an Executive Committee member of Just Reinvest NSW, advocating for and supporting Aboriginal community-led justice reinvestment initiatives.

I’ve worked as a political media and policy adviser, an English-language teacher, and once, quite unintentionally, found myself working for a year in a travellers’ hostel in an obscure city in the Czech Republic – that was a lot of fun.

I read pretty much anything that’s put in front of me, and have a soft spot for graphic novels, quality journalism and genre romps through imaginary landscapes.

This website contains my personal blog, and also links to various articles, stories and poems I’ve had published.

If you’re looking for the archive site for SansIcarus, my creative communications consultancy, you’ll find that here.

If you want to get in touch with me, send me an email.

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